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St. Pius X Residence and the Care of Our Priests

St. Pius X Residence was established in 2009 to help ensure that the retired Priests of the Diocese of Rockville Centre would always receive the care and attention that they so richly deserve. 


It provides the gap in care for those priests who are retired and living independently in parishes or in their own homes and a much smaller group of our retired priests who require intensive medical support and are lovingly being cared for in skilled Catholic nursing facilities across Long Island. 

Most people retire and usually have a spouse and/or child whom they can rely on in their time of need. A priest who has devotedly served his parish may not have a network of caretakers in their golden years. The Residence is home to these priests.  After a lifetime of sacrifice and service, it is our obligation to proudly bestow compassionate support to these men who have dedicated their vocation to the people of God on Long Island. 


The Residence is the home to retired priests who are no longer able to live independently but do not need skilled 24-hour care and priests who are recuperating from an illness or surgery. 


The Residence was overseen by Rev. Msgr. Thomas Costa from 2009 to January 2023, which was when he retired.  Msgr. Costa also served as a registered nurse.  Rev. Stephen Pietrowski will be the new Rector and he has experience in the healthcare field.

Embrace the Legacy of Service by supporting our beloved priests in their retirement years. 


Fr. Pietrowski is an LMSW (social worker) with 13 years of experience in hospice care and

also ran a psychiatric hospital:


The house provides a place for the guys who have a need for care, help with daily

activities, and a place to age gracefully. This is a space that is safe for them.


Here at St. Pius, the guys provide for one another. We call this place home.


We provide a lot of health services in-house, especially for those who cannot easily leave the property.


We are so focused on parish life, living life on a schedule. When we retire, it’s a bit of a challenge

Msgr. Ron Richardson:

I like the new location very much, the company is great. When I was living on my own 

for a number of years, I felt a sense of isolation (especially during covid) but here I am with

many of my fellow priests whom I served with at times throughout the years.


I’ve always been a walker, for most of my life I’ve walked and jogged. I love the outdoors

and I am so grateful to the Sisters of the Cenacle who passed this gorgeous campus

on to us.


I have so much gratitude to God, who has been so good to me. And I have so much gratitude for the people who help make this place what it is.


Msgr. Kenneth Boccafola:


I am grateful to the bishop and the people of the Diocese that we have this place to relax and still serve our mission as priests.


Msgr. Willie Gomes:

Pius is fantastic. It is very comfortable, the comradery is great, everyone takes care of each other.


It is nice to reconnect with the older priests whom I haven’t seen in so long. I am now living with the men who were inspirations to me when I was a younger priest.


It is so nice when we have former parishioners come visit us.


Fr. Peter Liu:

 I go for walks a lot and get my exercise in. I also take advantage of the services Pius provides.


Fr. Jim Wood also goes to Parishes to help out:


I am having a positive experience. I didn’t come right away, I lived with family in a two-family home. I ended up falling and needed to go to rehab. I came here to finish up my rehab and decided to stay as I found this to be the perfect place for me.


I appreciate all the support we get from the parishioners of the Diocese: both spiritually and financially.

It is nice to belong to a community of fellow retired priests.


Msgr. William Gill:

I’m grateful to have a place to live. I walk every day around the property and I enjoy the scenery in the surrounding area.

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